Crosshill's van-mounted cleaning systemsCrosshill Carpet Services: Specialist Industrial Cleaners, Northern Ireland

Welcome to our website.

Crosshill Carpet Services provides a first-class range of industrial cleaning services to homes and businesses across Northern Ireland.

Established in 1982, we are a family run company with a wealth of experience in commercial cleaning and a highly trained team dedicated to meeting our customers' needs. You will also find us interested and helpful. In a highly competitive service industry, it is our aim to stand out above the rest.

The way we achieve this is to give a faster, more efficient and friendly service.

Fast, Efficient and Caring

Careful attention to detail and minimum disruption forms the basis of the service we provide, using highly trained and supervised operators. Many conventional cleaning systems require water supplied on site.

Our system uses stored water preheated to exactly the right temperature by the vehicle engine before starting work. Similarly, all waste is automatically returned to the vehicle for disposal away from the client's premises , thus ensuring that all current legislation on waste disposal is adhered to.

Quieter. Quicker. Cleaner. No noisy equipment, no mess, no dirty liquids on your premises.

Crosshill Carpet Services - Industrial Cleaners, Crumlin, Northern Ireland

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