Bane-Clene being used in a cinema

The Bane-Clene® System

Bane-Clene is a superior method to many conventional alternatives in use today for cleaning carpets, fabrics and upholstery. Operating and on an improved and test-proven principle, maximum efficiency and gentler handling is achieved through controlling both the vapour and the pressure used during cleaning . While many carpet systems use a high pressure (up to 1000p.s.i.) with the water heated to near boiling. Bane-Clene uses a much lower pressure (80-150p.s.i.) with temperatures of only 70-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This combined with a high air velocity in the vacuuming process safely and gently removes dirt without wetting the carpet backing which can cause stretching or shrinking. Because at least 95% of cleaning solution is extracted, the carpet dries faster and stays cleaner longer.

A major benefit in the operation is that only the operator and the cleaning hose need enter your premises, allowing us to clean carpets and upholstery with less noise and less inconvenience than with other systems.

Ideal for Security Work

The Bane-Clene System is the only portable truck-mounted system in the UK. It can be quickly converted to a self contained unit for work in sensitive areas.

Van-mounted cleaning systemA qualified cleaning professional... trained, certified, displays credentials and has signed a pledge of integrity to the consuming public. They are required to upgrade their skills on an annual basis to maintain their certification.

Many companies are reluctant to commission cleaning of their premises because past experience has shown it to be time consuming, noisy and an extremely disruptive process with a disappointing end result.
It is because of these fears that we are determined to provide a service, not just to clean carpets and upholstery to a high standard, but to do it in such a way that our client/customers would welcome us back. And they do.

Why? Because we use only the Bane-Clene system and we know it is the best.


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